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Damgostar Pishgam (DGP), a knowledge based Company was established as the first founder of small ruminant livestock breeding (sheep and goats) in 2011 by a group of graduates and professors of animal breeding and genetics from University of Tehran. The main goal of company is to produce favorite genetic materials from the world's top breeds, which are used in the process of breeding and produce high-yielding crossbreds. . DGP has been located in Science and Technology Park of Tehran University since 2013 with the approval of the Vice President for Science and Technology as a knowledge-based company At the present, this company is ready to serve esteemed applicants of animal breeding, artificial insemination, nutrition management and reproductive management using special production facilities (various types of rheumatoid sperm, Texel, East Friesian etc.), laboratory (company-specific extender, quantitative and qualitative analysis of sperm, etc.), competent experts (reproductive physiology specialist, Animal nutrition specialist, geneticist and animal breeding specialist, etc.) and executive expert teams (veterinarian, artificial insemination specialist, experts in concurrent operations and insemination) from all parts of the world.


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          Inauguration of the light livestock gene production center of the company by the first vice president

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            Building #2, Science & Technology Park, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Daneshkadeh Ave., Karaj, Iran

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            32860802 - 026 (+98)
            fax: 32860802 - 32249294